What is Siddha medicine?

It is hard to date the origin of Siddha medicine. Indeed, it reflects milleniums. Siddha medicine is the heritage of the Tamil or dravidian culture   It is a medical philosophy and science developed by several saints called Siddhars (From the root Sid: wisdom). This extraordinary knowledge has been revealed to them in order to purify all dimensions of human beings, to allow human soul to evolve freeing it from Samsara the reincarnation cycle .


Siddha medicine shares basic principles with Ayurveda. That is, it considers Man in total interdependence between His environment, His body, His mind and His soul. We call this approach: holistic. Man is the fruit of the universe. He is composed of the same five basic elements and works according to the same laws as Nature.


The Siddha medicine considers each human being as unique. The practitioner translates this through personalized management of all patients. He or She builds a solution, in harmony with the patient based on an awareness, the adaptation of daily food, the establishment of regular Yoga type exercises, the adjustment of certain behaviours and the introduction of a natural medicine treatment.


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