From latin

Avis : bird
Spicere : to observe

In ancient Rome:


The art of reading the flight of birds to predict omens.


Auspice : Divine or prophetic omen
Auspicious : Favorable, prosperous. indicative of success

 Under the auspices : Under the protection

Ôspis incarnates the Divine call partly standing in us and around us
in Nature in order to reconnect our body and mind with our soul. Ôspis is a tribute to the observation of the wisdom of Nature, which reminds us of the current universal laws (Sanatana Dharma) among which humility, compassion, patience, and courage
Who are we:


“After graduating from the medical faculty in Geneva in 2012, I left home to explore the cultures of the world. In India, I discovered a philosophy and a science which has deeply touched my heart. Since then, I spend my time between India and Switzerland to develop our projects.”


“After leaving Switzerland for India in 2004, I spent more than eight years studying  Indian medicine. I became the first foreigner to receive the Siddha (“big sister” of Ayurveda) practitioner diploma from one out of the eight faculties which offer this career. In parallel to my swiss practice, I continue undergoing fellowships with traditional practitioners specialized in thanulogy (vital points), virology and oncology.”