Why is Ôspis Turmeric one of the most precious in the world?

In a world always more polluted, it is hard to find places free from contamination. The deep valleys of the Himalaya are part of those rare exceptions. Far from the plains which favor the agricultural industries and its intensive and mechanized way of production, the plots of our farmers are small and terraced on the steep hills. They need regular and attentive care. The plants grow in a peaceful environment facing the mountains. Our spices are harvested and processed traditionally and dried under the sun. Only after this, they are manually ground in a traditional mortar.


The altitude and the harsh environmental conditions in which the turmeric grows push its organism to develop its immunity, meaning higher medicinal values. The turmeric is one the most sacred plants in the world, on one side because of its medicinal properties but also thanks to its capacity to absorb the energy around it. Its religious function is to carry the prayers of the devotees to the spiritual world.
We take care of every details and every step of production because we consider food as sacred and as the first medicine.


 Like the ayurvedic philosophy itself, our project is holistic.

Can we be healthy without quality nutrition? Can we obtain healthy nutrition if our farmers and our lands are ill?

In order to secure a healthy nutrition, the first part of our project supports  a farm, which develops and safeguards an indigenous seedbank to help protect the Himalayan botanic heritage, which is threatened by genetic and chemical contamination brought forth by modern agricultural and industrial processes.The farm tries to create well-paid jobs for the local population, many of whom are migrating to cities to find work. Moreover, it offers new income opportunities for the farmers and promotes a revaluation of their products, work and knowledge.